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Suspicion of DUI doesn’t keep Tennessee man from employment

| Nov 29, 2012 | DUI/Drunk Driving Charges |

The public tends to be hard on anyone who is merely suspected of drunk driving, even if that person has served his community. In February, a former deputy from Rutherford County, Tennessee, was pulled over and charged with DUI. Since his arrest, he has been rehired within his county, a move that some are challenging due to the drunk driving charge.

According to reports, the suspect had been working as a police deputy when he resigned in February, just a day before his drunk driving arrest. The timing of events might raise some suspicion, but it is important for the public to keep in mind that this man has not been convicted of any crime and, therefore, deserves to make a life for himself.

A worker from the department where the defendant worked claims that the young deputy gave up his post because he planned to move out of state. He hadn’t been in any trouble with the department that would have motivated him to resign. It wasn’t until the day after he was no longer employed by the department when he was pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk.

That traffic stop led to a DUI charge in Tennessee. The defendant and his defense attorney worked out a deal that retires the DUI charge. Essentially, that means that if the defendant doesn’t cause any legal trouble in the next year the charge can be erased from his criminal record.

Not only does the defendant have the retired charge to be thankful for, but he is also back to work for his county. Instead of working as a deputy he has a job as a jailer. The sheriff of the county for which the defendant works insists that no scandal exists in regards to the resignation, arrest and rehiring of this particular worker.

Being charged with DUI is stressful for anyone. When a person has a public position, however, he can be under even more pressure. His community is more likely to find out about the incident and have an opinion on the matter. Even if a person is convicted of a crime, he has to be able to serve whatever sentence that’s been handed to him and rebuild his life as well. An integral part of that rebuild is working a steady job.

Source: The Daily News Journal, “Deputy rehired after DUI arrest,” Mark Bell, Nov. 24, 2012