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Chattanooga business challenged by drunk driving fears

| Apr 5, 2013 | DUI/Drunk Driving Charges |

There are those who drink alcohol and there are those who don’t. Among the people with different lifestyles are varied and often passionate opinions about alcohol consumption. Business folk, lawmakers and the public of Chattanooga are currently debating a business matter that some believe directly impacts the safety on the roads.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, currently has strict rules regarding the production of liquor, rules that go back to the days of prohibition. For economical reasons and for the sake of freedom, a whiskey company and those who support free business want to allow the opening of a distillery in Chattanooga.

Supporters of opening up the liquor distillery business in the area are working on gathering the 14,000 signatures they need to have the city take its entrepreneurial proposal seriously. They believe that the matter should come to a vote by the public, who could financially benefit from the business. Not only could the business bring money into Tennessee, but it would create jobs, too.

The fact remains, however, that there are passionate fighters against drunk driving in Tennessee. Those who support harsh DUI legislation and sentencing could very well see having a whiskey distillery here as a threat to anti-drunk driving efforts. It will come down to whether the local value of business opportunity outweighs the value the public places on strict DUI prevention in Tennessee.

Would a local distillery lead to more DUI arrests? Only the future would tell. One reality is clear, and that is that no matter why a person is charged with drunk driving, he needs aggressive legal help. Our Chattanooga DUI defense lawyers help prevent a charge from completely turning a person’s life around.

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