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Liquor on the lake leads to boating under the influence risk

| Jun 14, 2013 | DUI/Drunk Driving Charges |

When it is boating season, a driver needs to worry about more than his actions on the roads. Law enforcement holds boat operators responsible for alleged wrongdoing just as they would a driver.

With Memorial Day behind us, boating season has officially begun, and so has the increased risk of a drunk boating charge. One famous name is already connected to an incident of drinking and boating. Erin Brockovich (the real one, played by Julia Roberts in a movie) was arrested for boating under the influence last week.

It is an out-of-state BUI case but still gives a high-profile example of how easy it is to get wrapped up in an allegation of operating a motor vehicle under the influence. Brockovich is an experienced lawyer and admits to making a mistake on the day in question.

Boating is often done as a means of celebrating and partying. Boaters can legally consume alcohol, but boat operators are held to the same BAC limit in Tennessee as drivers are. With sun, water, friends, heat, etc., law enforcement knows that some boaters will push the limit.

If a boat operator is convicted of BUI in Tennessee, they will be required to pay a fine and potentially serve jail time depending on the severity of the offense and whether it was a repeat offense. Just as in the incident of a DUI arrest, a BUI suspect should seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer who can help mitigate the consequences of a day on the lake gone wrong.

Source: The Associated Press, “Erin Brockovich Arrested While Boating in Nevada,” Martin Griffith, June 9, 2013