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Change at venue of horse event inspires Tennessee DUI efforts

| Aug 23, 2013 | DUI/Drunk Driving Charges |

It’s the 75th anniversary of the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration. Though it has become a tradition for many in the state, traditions can change over time. This year, a change in what’s being served at the Tennessee venue is moving law enforcement to up its DUI efforts. 

It is the first year in which beer and liquor are to be served to the public at the event. The stadium holds about 30,000 people. Those points combined make for worry among police that the risk of drunk driving will increase this year.

Last Friday, authorities gathered around the location of the horse show to remind all drivers that they will be arrested and charged with DUI if they are caught driving under the influence. The area of the show has had a year with a relatively high number of fatal DUI accidents. The warnings, therefore, are meant to work as drunk driving prevention.

There will be an increased presence of law enforcement around the annual celebration, some of whom are designated to specifically target drivers suspected of DUI. Drivers will also want to be aware that sobriety checkpoints will be set up around the location of the grounds.

Last Friday, Tennessee’s Booze it Or Lose It campaign began, with the enforcement around the celebration being a part of that anti-DUI effort. District Attorney Robert Carter says, “I like the phrase, ‘Booze it or lose it’ and we tell young people the ‘it’ you lose could be everything.”

That attitude should convince any person charged with DUI in Tennessee that they have a great reason to fight the charge against them. Even a first-time offender can face significant sentencing. An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer plays a crucial role in an aggressive battle against the potential of, as the DA puts it, losing everything.

Source: Shelbyville Times-Gazette, “Law to crack down on DUI offenders,” David Melson, Aug. 18, 2013