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Dina Lohan’s DWI case just begins, but license is already lost

| Sep 26, 2013 | Driver's License Suspension & Revocation |

A couple of weeks ago, the mother of now infamous celebrity Lindsay Lohan got her share of some of the limelight that her daughter usually feels. Dina Lohan was arrested for suspicion of DWI on Sep. 12 after an out-of-state incident. Police stopped her for allegedly speeding, and the traffic stop ultimately led to a drunk driving arrest.

According to police reports, Lohan’s BAC level was at 0.20, which is significantly above the legal limit. If the court is convinced that the chemical test is accurate, that level could increase the penalty faced if Lohan is convicted. One thing that is going for the defendant is that this is her first DUI arrest.

To take the celebrity DWI arrest to a local level, a first-time DUI in Tennessee is still serious, though comes with some possible sentencing leniency. Lohan has already had her driver’s license at least temporarily suspended. In Tennessee, driver’s license suspension is common even following a first DUI offense. However, true first offenders might be granted restricted licenses.

Though avoiding DUI conviction is ideal, it is also valuable for a defendant and his or her criminal defense attorney to discuss how to try to mitigate sentencing. A restricted license can make sentencing less harsh for someone by making it possible for him to get to work or school.

In the case of Dina Lohan, it is up to her and her DUI defense lawyer to determine what is important to her regarding her future and rights. This week, Lohan pleaded not guilty to the DUI and speeding charges. We will post an update when there’s a development in the celeb case.

Source: Associated Press, “Dina Lohan Pleads Not Guilty to DWI Charge in NY,” Frank Eltman, Sep. 24, 2013