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BAC? There’s an app for that

| Jun 12, 2014 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

If you were having a drink at a restaurant or bar, would you know how many you can have before you would exceed the legal limit in Tennessee of 0.08 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)? If you exceed this limit, you are in danger of being arrested and convicted for a DUI, which can have long term consequences, be very expensive, and potentially life threatening.

The problem with alcohol is that it is very dependent on many variables. If you are a male or female, your body weight, what you have eaten or drunk while you are consuming alcohol may influence a reading. Other factors can also affect how your body reacts to alcohol, such as how fatigued you are and if you are taking any medication. They can all lead to a DUI. 

The other problem with alcohol is that it tends to inhabit your reasoning ability, meaning the more alcohol you consume, the less your ability to recognize your intoxication. If you could monitor your BAC level, while you were drinking, you might be able to prevent exceeding the legal limit and place yourself at risk of both a DUI and severe injures should you have a crash or collision.

A company is now making an attachment and app for your smartphone that will do just that. The marketing message is that it will allow you to enjoy having drinks with friends, but it will provide you with information that can help you avoid intoxication and, by implication, such negative events as car accidents and DUI charges.

In addition to providing locations of restaurants and contact information for cab services, it can also track your BAC and claims it allows you to find a “perfect BAC.”

Of course, it can’t stop you from drinking once you hit your perfect BAC, nor do we know how accurate its analysis may be, but we hope for many people, something like this would provide the information they need to avoid receiving DUI. 

Source:, “New Smartphone Breathalyzer App Will Tell You Your BAC, Personal Drinking History, And More,” Janissa Delzo, June 6, 2014