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Woman in Tennessee faces DUI charge after fatal crash

| May 15, 2016 | DUI/Drunk Driving Charges |

A fatal motor vehicle collision recently took place in Tennessee. According to police, the accident was caused by drinking and driving. The woman who is said to have caused the accident currently faces several charges, including vehicular homicide and DUI.

Police said a 61-year-old woman was driving in an erratic manner before the three-car crash. She allegedly drove on a sidewalk and struck a street sign near a Kroger’s store. Authorities said she also ran a red light.

The crash occurred at an intersection of two streets shortly before 9:50 p.m. on a Friday. A 37-year-old woman lost her life in the accident. The deceased woman’s daughter, who was a passenger in her mother’s vehicle, suffered injuries for which she was treated. The accused woman also faces charges of violating the implied consent law, leaving an accident scene, reckless driving and not maintaining her lane.

The defendant may choose to go to trial to fight the DUI charges. Prosecutors at trial have to prove her charges beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be handed down. Alternatively, the defendant may consider accepting a plea deal if one is made available by the prosecution. A plea agreement may offer the benefit of leading to a lighter sentence than what would be rendered if the accused individual were to be found guilty at trial. In either situation, defense counsel in Tennessee will push for a result that is favorable for the client while simultaneously making sure that all of the client’s legal rights are honored at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

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