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How drivers get back on the road after a DUI

| Dec 5, 2016 | Expungement |

According to the Tennessee state government website, at least 4,600 people have been involved in alcohol-related accidents in the state as of the third week of November 2016. Those who are convicted of a first-offense DUI have an interlock device installed in their vehicles and are subject to two days in jail. A second offender must be sent to jail for a minimum of 45 days while a third offender may lose his or her license for up to 10 years.

Drunk driving charges should still not be taken lightly, a conviction can remain on a defendant’s record, which could lead to problems in obtaining suitable employment or school financial aid. As a result, people who have been taken into custody for DUI should meet as soon as possible with an attorney so that a suitable defense strategy can be constructed. In some cases, an attorney might choose to question the legality of the stop itself on the basis that it was made without the requisite reasonable suspicion which, while less stringent than probable cause, is still required.