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Radiologists largely untrained to spot elder abuse

| Jan 26, 2017 | Nursing Home Injuries |

According to a study, very few radiologists in Tennessee and around the country are trained to identify elder abuse even though most are trained in spotting child abuse. There are several reasons that spotting the abuse of elderly people is more difficult, and a majority of radiologists who participated in the study said that they would like more training about the problem.

Abuse is difficult to identify in the elderly. Some may have health conditions that make it more likely that they will suffer from broken bones or bruises. Because of fear, many elderly people are reluctant to report abuse that has happened to them. Elderly people may also have a broad range of functioning ability, with some being very active and mobile while others are bedridden.

In the study, 19 radiologists were interviewed, and only two reported that they had received any training at all in spotting signs of elder abuse. Researchers indicated that they plan to conduct studies about common injury patterns that happen when elderly people are abused because few studies have been conducted about them. All of the radiologists who were interviewed indicated that they wanted training about identifying elder abuse. Research has shown that as much as 10 percent of older people suffer abuse of some type.

Many older people have to go to nursing homes. Unfortunately, too many of them are abused while they are residents there. When this happens, it is sometimes difficult to discover, but serious injuries could result as a result of actions of their caregivers or fellow patients. If family members suspect that their loved ones are being harmed in such a manner, they might want to talk to an attorney in order to see what recourse may be available.