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Woman faces multiple charges after car accident

| Feb 3, 2017 | DUI/Drunk Driving Charges |

A 38-year-old Tennessee woman was taken into custody on DUI and child endangerment charges after causing a three-car crash. The initial accident occurred when the woman rear-ended another car, which then crashed into the third vehicle. Police say that is when they made contact with the driver, they could smell a strong odor of marijuana in the automobile. After police searched the car, they found cannabis in the side door armrest in addition to a blunt in the ashtray.

The woman had her three-month-old son in the car with her when the crash occurred. In addition to the DUI and child endangerment charges, the woman was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

An individual facing drunk driving charges may receive a variety of penalties including jail time, fines and a license suspension or revocation. In such cases, it may be wise to retain a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to argue that the driver was under the legal limit or had nothing in his or her system at the time of a traffic stop.  The attorney may be able to argue that something else caused the accident, such as faulty brakes, and that intoxication was not the cause.