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Johnson & Johnson battles thousands of lawsuits

| Apr 5, 2017 | Defective Drugs |

Johnson & Johnson is currently the defendant in over 100,000 lawsuits, and many of them involve defective drugs and medical devices. People in Tennessee hurt by these products might have to be patient because the company appears to willing to fight claims for damages in court whenever feasible.

One federal judge in charge of approximately 32,000 cases involving people who suffered nerve damage and organ perforation after receiving pelvic mesh implants urged the company to settle, but it continues to pursue a strategy of delaying cases in the hopes of limiting the size of settlements and discouraging future plaintiffs.

Despite the pharmaceutical company’s efforts, juries punished it in 2016 with multiple verdicts that could cost the company billions of dollars to compensate victims. One verdict for a hip implant that tended to fail and poison its recipients set the cost at $1 billion. People who developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s talcum powder products received a jury verdict of $72 million. A case about the drug Risperdal and gynecomastia produced a $70 million verdict.

A person who believes that dangerous drugs or medical devices caused injury could discuss the problem with an attorney who represents medical victims. An attorney could research whether other people have reported problems after using the drugs. The possibility of joining a class action case could emerge after an attorney reviews the individual’s case. To support the victim, an attorney could organize medical records, consult with independent experts and investigate the findings of studies and safety trials used to gain approval for the drugs.

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