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April 2018 Archives

North Carolina says Chemours Company leaked chemical for years

An investigation by North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality found evidence that Chemours Company has, for years, allowed a chemical nicknamed GenX to leak into the state's air and water. Chemours is formerly a part of DuPont, and the agency alleges both companies actively misled the State about the leaks and their dangers. The State has now filed a lawsuit against Chemours.

J&J and talc supplier liable for $80 million in punitive damages

In a major victory on April 5, a New Jersey state-court jury awarded a man with mesothelioma and his wife $37 million in damages. The plaintiffs alleged that his deadly asbestos-related cancer developed because he used Johnson & Johnson talcum powder for decades.

4 top pain docs named as defendants in opioid crisis lawsuits

Opioid overdoses are a national health crisis, and local governments are taking steps to hold someone accountable. Over 450 lawsuits have been filed in state and federal courts by cities and counties across the nation. Most of those lawsuits accuse the five main manufacturers of opioid pain medications of instigating the crisis with false claims about the drugs' efficacy and risks.

Study: Ignition interlocks do reduce fatal drunk driving crashes

In Tennessee, people who are convicted of DUI offenses are typically required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle -- at their own expense. These devices are a bit like Breathalyzers and won't allow the vehicle to start until the driver provides a clean breath sample. Installation, maintenance and removal all have costs, however, and a single year's expense for an ignition interlock could easily exceed $1,000.

Talc producer settles mesothelioma suit during jury deliberations

Just as a Florida jury sat down for its first day of deliberations, the parties in a mesothelioma lawsuit agreed to a confidential settlement. The plaintiff, a former tile worker, had been seeking $11.5 million in damages from Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC, which produces talc used in ceramic products. According to the plaintiff's attorney, Vanderbilt Minerals' talc products are largely the product of a single mine which has been shown to contain asbestos.

Tennessee mulls ending criminal penalties for blood test refusal

The Tennessee legislature is considering changing the state's implied consent law, which requires drivers to provide breath or blood samples when suspected of DUI. You can lawfully refuse the test, but there are consequences. For a first offense, your driver's license will be revoked for a year.

Actor to be resentenced in DUI manslaughter case

Amy Locane, who performed in 13 episodes of the popular TV series "Melrose Place" and who has appeared in several films, was arrested for vehicular manslaughter after a fatal 2010 car crash in New Jersey. The indictment charging her did not specifically mention alcohol intoxication, but a prosecution witness testified that she was likely at around three times the legal limit and speeding at about 53 mph in a 35 mph zone just before the crash.

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