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What will a Tennessee DUI cost you?

When you get behind the wheel after a night of drinking, you aren't thinking about the consequences. After all, at the time, you feel like you are sober enough to drive.

If you see flashing lights in the rearview mirror, your mind might start asking what this might cost you.

Here are some things to keep in mind about how much a DUI may end up costing in Tennessee.


Before the officer pulled you over, getting a DUI was probably on the list of things that happen to "other people;" not something that you would have to worry about. Getting pulled over becomes a bigger possibility, however, when you factor in both patrols and DUI roadblocks.

There are the obvious attorney fees, court costs, and increase in insurance that will accompany any DUI. Additionally, between the jail time and the suspended license, there are some collateral costs that can come with a DUI including losing time at work or losing your job altogether. These are the more concrete penalties that come with a DUI:

• $350-$1,500 fine

• $250 fee for a blood or breath test

• $100 license reinstatement fee (after the suspension is over)

• $50 SR-22 insurance form from your insurer to prove certain coverage to the DMV

• One-year license revocation

• Court-ordered restitution to anyone harmed

Here we go again (what a second DUI costs)

The consequences get steeper after the first DUI. A second DUI is still going to be an expensive experience, in large part, because the court hopes that you learn your lesson the first time around.

These are the penalties for a second offense:

• $600-$3,500 fine

• $250 fine for blood or breath test

• $100 license reinstatement fee (after the suspension is over)

• $50 SR-22 insurance form from your insurer to prove certain coverage to the DMV

• Two-year license revocation (you will have restrictions after the revocation period)

• Possible Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and cost to have and use the IID

• Potential vehicle confiscation

Enhanced penalties

There are also circumstances where a judge can add onto the penalties for a DUI. If your DUI results in an injury or death, you will face increased fines and jail time. You will also see increases in fines and jail time if there was a child under 18 in the vehicle with you. Even if the child was uninjured.

There is a lot to deal with if you are caught drinking and driving. The legal and financial consequences can be staggering. Try to plan for a sober ride. But if you forget and get stopped by the police, be sure to get a strong defense attorney on your side.

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