NHTSA’s 2018 data on drunk driving crashes in the United States

In December, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its latest analysis of drunk driving accidents in the U.S., which uses data from 2018. The agency analyzes data from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), to which law enforcement across the country reports whenever a crash occurs on a public trafficway and results

Could your school contain asbestos-tainted materials?

Recently, a class of plaintiffs in another state accused a school district of failing to warn school employees and students that there was asbestos and lead in many of the district’s buildings. According to the lawsuit, the school district received test results in 2016 from environmental engineers identifying asbestos in several schools. Despite having that

Johnson & Johnson to pay $344 million in pelvic mesh suit

Recently, a California judge ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay the state $343.99 million for violations of California unfair competition and false advertising laws. After a nine-week trial, the judge found that J&J and its subsidiary Ethicon had failed to disclose known risks associated with its pelvic mesh product. The pelvic mesh was surgically implanted

Addicted to Purdue Pharma opioids? June 30 deadline for claims

People injured by their opioids can file personal injury claims directly against Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the painkillers OxyContin, MS Contin and Ryzolt. Purdue is in bankruptcy, and part of that process involves divvying up the company’s assets among creditors and claimants. As part of its bankruptcy filing, Purdue settled with several states and

Another state considers lowing the BAC standard to 0.05%

In Tennessee and most states, you are considered “per se” under the influence for driving if your blood-alcohol content is measured at 0.08%. However, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued a recommendation encouraging all states to lower their per se standards to 0.05%. In 2018, the state of Utah became the first to do

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