Courtroom monitor: Only 59% of DUI arrestees are convicted

The anti-drunk driving group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) routinely sends observers into courtrooms in 15 states (not including Tennessee) as part of its Court Monitoring Program. The idea is to pressure the justice system into prosecuting DUI to the fullest extent possible. The cases they monitor are simple drunk driving cases involving no injuries

Domestic violence accusations: Not to be taken lightly

Accusations of domestic violence are very serious. Even if there is no conviction, a charge can have a considerable impact on your personal and professional life. And in the uncharted territory of the current situation we live in, the rate of individuals reporting domestic violence and filing charges is increasing. What are the penalties for domestic

Did Walmart obstruct the opioid investigations?

After a civil lawsuit is filed, a process goes on called “discovery.” In this process, each side gets to investigate and gather information, including from the other side. This includes asking questions to be answered under oath, asking for admissions, seeking copies of documents and generally attempting to discover the other’s involvement. For example, a

Can drug recognition experts really tell if you’re impaired?

This question is the subject of litigation. Drug recognition experts, or DREs, are typically police officers who have completed additional training. The claim is that they, unlike ordinary officers or regular people, can recognize certain signs of drug intoxication. However, some of the techniques they use are highly questionable. Have you been pulled over and

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