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Researchers urge reducing blood alcohol limit to as low as 0.03%

When people have been drinking but have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of less than the legal limit, are they still a danger on the roads? It is possible. But how low will states go in setting blood alcohol limits to try to reduce drunk driving?

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones facing Texas drunk driving charges

Can you be charged with drunk driving when you have a blood alcohol level of lower than 0.08%? Yes, you can in Tennessee and most states. The fact that a law enforcement officer testifies that you were too drunk to drive can be sufficient evidence for a charge -- and even a conviction.

Another state considers lowing the BAC standard to 0.05%

In Tennessee and most states, you are considered "per se" under the influence for driving if your blood-alcohol content is measured at 0.08%. However, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued a recommendation encouraging all states to lower their per se standards to 0.05%. In 2018, the state of Utah became the first to do so.

Repeat drunk driving comes with high penalties in Tennessee

If you have been convicted in the past of a Tennessee drunk driving offense, you could be facing much stiffer penalties if you are convicted again. In fact, a fourth DUI is charged as a Class E felony. Earlier this year, the law changed so that a fifth DUI offense is a Class D felony, which is more serious than Class E.

How reliable are breathalyzers? Michigan state police take them offline

On Jan. 13, the Michigan state police announced that they would stop using all 203 breathalyzer machines they operate in stations around the state. The breath testing machines, Datamaster DMT evidential breath-alcohol testing machines, may have been improperly calibrated.

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