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J&J targeted minorities, others, knowing talc might cause cancer

In the 1970s, pediatricians began warning new parents not to use Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder or other talc-based powders to address diaper rash because it is dangerous for infants to inhale talc powder. Unfortunately, that left J&J needing a new business model. They chose to market the product to adults as a powder with antiperspirant and deodorant qualities.

SCOTUS rules manufacturers liable when they knew asbestos would be added later

Certain equipment used on Navy vessels and in naval shipyards uses asbestos. However, many are manufactured as "bare metal," without the asbestos components installed. The asbestos components are added later by the user or a third party, but the equipment manufacturer knows that it will happen. Indeed, the asbestos components are necessary to make the equipment work.

J&J news: Federal subpoenas, $29-million loss in mesothelioma case

Recently, Johnson & Johnson admitted in its annual report that it has received subpoenas from the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The subpoenas apparently related to the litigation alleging that J&J's signature line of baby powder contained asbestos and caused cancer among regular users.

FDA: Asbestos found in Claire's Stores cosmetics containing talc

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, its regulatory framework of 80 years needs to be updated to test the safety of cosmetics. Currently, cosmetics manufacturers are not required to test their products for safety before selling them on the American market. The FDA has proposed working with Congress to remedy that.

Will a Missouri Supreme Court ruling help J&J in its talc cases?

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is being sued nationwide for exposing users of its talc-based products, including J&J Baby Powder, to asbestos despite knowing the risk. They are accused of hiding evidence that the talc used in their products was contaminated with asbestos. Plaintiffs claim they used the products-often on themselves and their children-for daily routine hygiene, only to later develop mesothelioma or ovarian cancer.

Women and mesothelioma diagnosis: 3 things to know

Mesothelioma has long been known as a deadly occupational disease affecting men who were exposed to asbestos while working in building and construction trades. Symptoms of mesothelioma resulting from such exposure often don't appear until after a long latency period of 10 to 50 years.

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