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DUI convictions can have impact on person's career

Finding a career that one loves and working toward the goal of making it in one's field is a significant accomplishment. For many people, their work is more than a way to earn money; it's a way to earn a sense of pride, security and sense of community. When the ability to work is taken away from them it's a life-altering event.

Tennessee Safety Commissioner Said DUI Laws Need Streamlining

This past Tuesday, Tennessee Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons advocated for streamlining the state's lengthy DUI laws. He explained that since lawmakers have routinely added to the laws throughout the past years, the result has been an overly complex patchwork of laws pertaining to Tennessee DUI offenses.

Feds Push for More Ignition Interlocks in DUI Cases

Several months ago, we discuss how an insurance group was advocating for wider use of ignition interlocks in DUI cases. Now federal officials have gotten involved in the issue, and are trying to entice states to adopt laws requiring even first-time drunk driving offenders to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.

Tennessee's DUI Law: More Than Automobiles and Alcohol

When most people think of a DUI they think of a person driving a car under the influence of alcohol. Tennessee's DUI law, however, encompasses many more activities besides driving an automobile after drinking. A Tennessee man recently learned this the hard way.

"Scarlet Letter" Plates Becoming Popular DUI Punishment in Some States

Imagine that you have been convicted of a DUI. You serve a short jail sentence, pay a large fine, and your license is suspended. You have paid for your mistake and you are ready to move on with your life. But wait-you are now told that you must put a special license plate on your vehicle indicating to the world that you have been convicted of a DUI. For drivers in Minnesota, Ohio, and a growing number of states, this form of public-shaming is part of the harsh reality of a DUI conviction.

Advocates Call for Rehabilitation for Tennessee DUI Offenders

When a person is convicted of a crime some people feel the focus should be on punishing that person through fines and jail time. While sometimes this may be appropriate, many times treatment and rehabilitation are needed to get at the root cause of the problem, particularly with drug and alcohol offenses.

What Penalties Might You Face if Convicted of DUI in Tennessee?

There can be serious consequences, both legally and financially, if you are convicted of drunk driving in Tennessee. Whether you have been charged with your first DUI, or have had multiple Tennessee DUI offenses, it is important that you are aware of all the potential penalties you may face.

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