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Former UT quarterback's DUI charges dropped

Last week, former University of Tennessee quarterback and radio host Erik Ainge was dismissed. Ainge had been charged with a DUI, "violating the implied consent law and a roadway lane violation," in July of 2013 by the Knoxville police. At the time of the arrest, a Knoxville police officer had noticed the pickup Ainge had been driving was swerving in traffic on I-40 early on a Sunday morning.

TN man charged with public intoxication, not DUI, after incident

People generally assume that prosecutors bring drunk driving charges based on some amount of evidence. Whether that evidence is valid or sufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is a matter for a court to decide, and every defendant has a right to challenge the prosecution's evidence. After all, police and prosecutors do make mistakes, and no one should be penalized with fines or jail time based on false allegations.

Want to volunteer for a DUI investigation?

States technically have their own drunk driving laws, but a DUI-related matter is making a national stir. That's because there is a constitutional issue with the way that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is supposedly "collecting data" about drivers.

Feds hope strict DUI punishment will spread nationwide

The opportunity to drive means different things to different people. For a teenager, it is a new sense of freedom and independence. For a mother, it is a way to get her kids (and herself) out of the house and to the store for the third gallon of milk for the week. For many Tennesseans, a license is necessary to earn a living and support a family.

Study suggests there's more to unsafe driving than BAC level

Whether a person gets arrested and charged with drunk driving often depends on a particular test. Sure, Tennessee authorities will ask a driver questions and perhaps have him or her perform some field sobriety tests. But there is one test that tends to secure a DUI charge, and that is the blood alcohol or a breath test.

New phone app soon available to help prevent DWI arrests

Why do you love your cellphone? Is it the camera that you are obsessed with? Is it the music options or GPS navigation that you are addicted to? Well, technology wizards have a new reason why some might want to kiss their cellphones -- or blow into them at least. 

Tennessee authorities gearing up to collect DUI suspects' blood

When you think about it, your blood probably seems like a pretty personal thing. It is daunting enough to have to have blood samples taken at the doctor's office, and when it is the police who are collecting the blood tests, there is an added level of sensitivity. In Tennessee, breath tests are apparently not enough in cases of suspected DUI. 

Ex-football player, current Tennessee radio host fights DUI claim

The voice that Tennessee sports fans listen to on sports radio might sound a little bit more on edge. Last weekend, former UT quarterback Eric Ainge was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Knoxville.

Ignition interlock requirement around the corner in Tennessee

Just when it's about time to officially welcome in summer, anti-drunk driving advocates are welcoming the enactment of a new DWI law in Tennessee. Starting next month, there is little forgiveness for anyone charged with driving while impaired, even a first-time offender.

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