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Tennessee man receives 12 years probation for vehicular homicide

For most people, a DUI charge in Tennessee may be their first encounter with the criminal justice system. While the penalties for a DUI vary, depending on whether you have had any prior DUI convictions, even a first time offense can be very unpleasant.

Chattanooga man charged with vehicular homicide

There was a time when having a few drinks before getting in a vehicle was not seen as alarming behavior. There was even a saying, used as people would leave a bar or party, that they would have "One for the road."

Musician's recent Tennessee arrest adds to list of DUI troubles

In the past we have shared information about the legal hardships experienced by Todd Harrell, a band member of rock group 3 Doors Down. He has been arrested various times in his life, and a couple of those arrests have been within the last couple of years here in Tennessee.

3 Doors Down musician meets closed door with DUI appeal

The human body and the science of impairment are complex matters. The criminal justice system likes to try to simplify the issue of impairment, but there can be more to a seemingly impaired driver than too much alcohol in his system.

Infamous YouTube poster pleads guilty to DUI accident

In a recent post we shared the story of a 26-year-old man from an out-of-state case who used YouTube to make a DUI confession. It turns out that the young man took his words in the video and turned them into official legal action. In the past two weeks alone, he has made two different pleas in the case against him.

Vehicular homicide confession leads to charge and viral video

There is no lack of means of communication these days. With the rise of cellphones, text messaging, blogging and all social media, privacy is becoming a thing of the past. When it comes to potential criminal activity, however, privacy can be a man's best friend.

Music star accused of DUI and causing fatal Tennessee accident

A person's profession or status doesn't save him from the arms of the law. One of the stars of musical group 3 Doors Down is struggling with legal hardship right now. He's accused of a very serious crime involving drunk driving. It is as serious as it gets when death is involved.

Fatal Tennessee drunk driving crash leads to 8-year sentence

The age of 23 is relatively young, especially when put into context. Eight years accounts for more than one-third of the life that a young Tennessee DUI defendant has lived. He was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident and faces both civil and criminal penalties for his role in the incident.

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