Paraquat Injuries

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Paraquat is a popular chemical herbicide widely used in a liquid form for weed control along railroad right of ways and other commercial settings in the United States. Farmers and agricultural workers use it to control brush and weeds.

Since it was introduced in the U.S. in 1961, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified Paraquat as “for restricted use only.”  People who handle it must be trained and licensed, and users must follow other precautions to prevent toxic exposure.

Manufactured by the Syngenta Group, Paraquat is sold under trade names such as Gramoxone, Ortho-Paraquat, Para-SHOT, Parazone, Quick-Quat, Firestorm, and Hemquat. People who work with it are at the greatest risk of harm through contact with this highly poisonous product, but in some circumstances, accidental exposure can affect others. Direct exposure to the toxic chemical can cause neurological damage and may cause Parkinson’s Disease.

The attorneys at Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers are investigating potential cases involving people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or who have suffered other injuries or lost loved ones following exposure to Paraquat. Agricultural workers, lawn care employees and people who live near areas where this dangerous chemical was used may find relief through our representation in product liability claims.

About Paraquat And The Harm It Can Do

Paraquat harms people when they ingest it, breathe it in, or absorb it through their skin. From contact with the lining of one’s mouth, stomach, or intestines, the poison may spread throughout the body. Consequences of exposure may include irreversible damage to a person’s heart, kidneys, liver, and/or lungs. Muscle damage and other serious illnesses and conditions are other proven results of excessive Paraquat exposure. Common Parkinson’s Disease symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • hand tremors
  • stiffness
  • loss of balance and/or difficulty moving and walking
  • trouble speaking
  • hallucinations, and
  • delusions.

While Paraquat exposure is usually an occupational hazard, it may also happen to anyone in proximity to areas in which this chemical is frequently used as an herbicide. Parkinson’s Disease is, unfortunately, a common consequence of Paraquat exposure.

Work With Experienced Product Liability Attorneys In Pursuit Of The Relief You Deserve

Consult with an attorney at Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers to discuss ways and places where you were or might have been exposed to Paraquat. Through our attorneys’ investigative skills and up-to-date product use data, we may discover a connection between the use of Paraquat at your job or near your home and the symptoms you are struggling with now.

Our investigations may also reveal that people responsible for transporting, storing, and using Paraquat according to EPA guidelines did not follow regulations and thus put workers and other people at risk. Our lawyers are ready to review your potential case and help you find answers.

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