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Arrested for drunk boating in Tennessee?

If you are facing a boating under the influence charge in Tennessee, don't give up hope. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may result in a reduction of the charges, a lessening of the penalties or dismissal of the charges altogether. You can also fight your charges at trial.

In Tennessee, boating under the influence (BUI) is defined as operating any vessel that is subject to registration, including a commercial vessel, on Tennessee's public waterways while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, stimulants or any intoxicant. For alcohol, there is a per se blood alcohol content of 0.08%, just as there is for driving a car. Operating a vessel on federal waterways while intoxicated is likewise a federal offense.

How could an underage DUI affect college education?

Parents are often fully aware of the risks underage drinking involves. Tennessee has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking, and most parents follow suit in establishing such policies in their own home.

However, when children head off to college, they face a brand-new world and situation - often without parental guidance. 54.9% of college students report drinking alcohol each month, with many of those including the students who are still underage.

This high rate of underage drinking could lead to a high risk of an underage DUI. And while attending college, students could face even more penalties.

NHTSA recalls more Takata airbags but leaves many in place

After reviewing the risks of Takata airbags installed in 56 million vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recalled only a minority of the potentially dangerous airbags. Safety watchdogs are concerned that NHTSA lacks a clear vision for keeping drivers safe.

The issue of Takata airbags has been ongoing since at least 2013, when over 100 injuries and 16 deaths were reported from airbags that ruptured during deployment. These ruptures caused broken metal parts of the assembly to go flying through the passenger cabin like shrapnel.

First DUI: with bars and restaurants opening back up - know how to avoid it

Getting behind the wheel when one is under the influence is often not a conscious decision. It is the result of several small decisions that can, unfortunately, lead to criminal charges.

However, the circumstances that could result in a DUI are rarely one-time incidents.

Tips: How can you keep kids safe at the lake or pool?

Tennessee summers can be unrelentingly hot. Many families find that one of the best ways to escape the heat is to head to the lake or pool.

A day in or on the water may be fun for the whole family, but it also brings risks. So, how can you keep your family safe at the lake or pool this summer?

Here are some important water safety tips for you to remember. 

Tips for safe grilling this summer

As summertime draws near, many Tennessee families look forward to enjoying the summer heat outside and grilling - even in this time of social distancing from friends and neighbors.

Even if you are just grilling for the family this Memorial Day weekend and throughout this summer, it is critical to ensure you take measures to stay safe. Grilling might feel like second nature to many, especially during the summertime, but it involves a high risk of injury.

As more Roundup cancer claims come in, Bayer faces pressure

Bayer AG, the company that bought Monsanto, is facing increasing pressure to resolve claims that the weed killer Roundup causes cancer. At least 52,500 plaintiffs have filed suit claiming that their cancers were caused by Roundup.

The plaintiffs are generally claiming that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, causes non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in some users. The company denies that glyphosate causes cancer.

J&J settles pelvic mesh, hip implant marketing case for $3.9 M

Tens of thousands of women have sued Johnson & Johnson over injuries from transvaginal pelvic mesh implants. The implants were sold as a treatment for prolapsed organs, but there were widespread complications such as pain, infection and bleeding. The mesh could also shift from its surgically implanted location and puncture the abdominal wall or nearby organs, and this could require revision surgery.

Is it OK to drive when you're high?

As the use of marijuana becomes more and more common in the United States, more people are driving while high. Not only is this illegal, but it can also increase your risk of being in a traffic accident. Although more research needs to be done on precisely how marijuana affects driving ability, the studies that have been conducted agree that using marijuana does impair you for a period of time.

This may come as no surprise to some users, but there is a persistent myth that driving while high is not nearly as dangerous as driving drunk. That may be true, but there is strong evidence that driving while high is dangerous. It can also get you charged with DUI.

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