When could evidence be ‘thrown out’ after a traffic stop?

If the defense can show that the police violated the defendant’s constitutional rights, the evidence the police garnered from the violation is generally not admissible in court. The question of whether your rights were violated is very complex and depends on the exact circumstances. There are basic rules the police have to follow, however. If

Supreme Court narrows the definition of wire fraud, making it harder to prove

When is a secret backroom deal a fraud? Not always, says the U.S. Supreme Court. Prosecutors must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the alleged victim actually lost money. The case involved Louis Ciminelli, a New York businessman who won a $750 million contract for a state government real estate project. The problem was, he

Drug field test kits are so inaccurate, some places are banning them

The field test kits many law enforcement agencies use to determine whether a certain substance is an illegal drug while out in the field can be inaccurate. For that reason, they’re generally not admissible in court without some further testing or proof. The results are considered preliminary – enough for an arrest but not reliable

Can a DUI or drug conviction affect my ability to travel abroad?

Yes. Some countries, including Mexico and Canada, may refuse to allow you to enter if you have a recent DUI or another criminal conviction or pending charges. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of State will generally refuse to issue you a U.S. passport if you’re convicted of certain felony offenses. Canada makes people with DUI, drug or

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