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A Tradition Of Skilled And Determined Representation

If you are facing criminal charges, or are injured and in need of compensation, getting trusted and effective legal guidance is critical. At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, we are honored to provide such service to clients in the Chattanooga area and throughout Tennessee.


Our tradition of acting with integrity, backed by proven results, dates back to 1969, when Jerry Summers founded our firm. We have built a strong reputation for trust and effectiveness both in the legal community and among satisfied clients who have given us favorable reviews. With our thorough preparation and valuable experience on your side, the opposition will know they must treat you fairly or be ready to fight.


Seeking A Solution Based On Your Best Interests

Many lawyers are quick to make promises but may not deliver on them. Our firm is different because we are still committed to the practice of law as a profession, not just a business.


This means we won’t settle an asbestos or personal injury case for less than what it is worth, nor take a plea deal in a criminal or DUI case that is not in your interest. Instead, we will offer our independent legal judgment and seek to a solution based on your unique circumstances. Many people refer cases to us because we are known for this type of value-driven representation.

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