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October 2013 Archives

Does Tennessee lab mistake make for multiple DUI complications?

In March a car accident occurred in Tennessee. A person died in that accident. There is a difference, however, between a fatal accident and a fatal drunk driving accident. That difference significantly impacts a man's life, reputation, future and freedom.

Officer's actions during DUI stop lose him his Tennessee post

While getting pulled over is never pleasant, most drivers wouldn't expect the incident to become one of violence. If a driver follows the instructions of an officer and complies with the law, there is no reason for a simple traffic stop to involve a physical altercation.

Tennessee teacher charged with repeat DUI after odd behavior

If you were to drive to a courthouse for a hearing related to any criminal charge, you would hopefully do so in a legal manner, at least that is what a criminal defense attorney would advise a client to do. A Tennessee woman has made the news for reportedly violating what an attorney or common sense would tell her to do.

Supreme Court to decide power of anonymous tips in traffic stops

Drivers have various rights to help protect them from wrongful arrests and charges like drunk driving. For example, Tennessee law says that a driver doesn't have to consent to field sobriety tests. That is an important right that many drivers are wise to exercise.

New phone app soon available to help prevent DWI arrests

Why do you love your cellphone? Is it the camera that you are obsessed with? Is it the music options or GPS navigation that you are addicted to? Well, technology wizards have a new reason why some might want to kiss their cellphones -- or blow into them at least. 

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