Holidays bring Tennessee sobriety checkpoints

‘Tis the season for holiday jingles, festive decorations and lots of pretty lights. Unfortunately, for some drivers, those blinking lights may not be on a tree, but on a Tennessee Highway Patrol or Chattanooga Police Department vehicle at a sobriety checkpoint. Those DUI checkpoints have received more publicity than normal, but a YouTube video that records an

Tennessee troopers will be out in force over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving travel throughout Tennessee is expected to reach the highest levels since 2007, with more than a million motorists on the roads of the state. To enable that travel to remain safe and arrive at its destination, the Governor’s Highway Safety Office and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is shutting down all road construction site

Tennessee Highway Patrol to host roadblocks for Halloween

Some holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, have long been associated with overindulgence and alcohol. We have come to expect extra warnings about the dangers of drunk driving and the Tennessee Highway Patrol and other local law enforcement often have enhanced numbers of patrols on the roads and sobriety roadblocks, where drivers are questioned by

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