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March 2015 Archives

What will a DUI conviction actually cost you?

Many people in Tennessee understand that a drunk driving conviction carries fines and the loss of your driver's license. Depending on your record, it may even carry jail time. But few people understand the real financial costs of a DUI. In today's posts, we will give you an idea of how a DUI conviction can impact your finances and how we can help you avoid those costs.

Legislator proposes a 10-year ban on buying alcohol

Drunk driving arrests can happen to anyone. You stop after work and have a few drinks during a happy hour to unwind with friends. Maybe you had one more drink than you should. On your way home, you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror that let you know you are about to have a very uncomfortable conversation with Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper or Chattanooga Police Department officer.

Tennessee Highway Patrol DUI quotas: Is! Is not!

It is ironic that many labor problems develop because management is often lazy. Oh, they put in an 8-hour day, or longer, but they are lazy in an intellectual sense. They are often uninterested in the realities of the frontline workforce, and do not want to expend too much thought on the performance of an individual.

Officer resigns because of allegations from DUI stop

Many people mistake being arrested and charged with a crime with being convicted of a crime. When you have been charged with a crime, such as drunk driving, the presumption is that the police or Tennessee Highway Patrol had a genuine reason to pull your vehicle over and execute a traffic stop.

Quotas are corrosive for public trust of THP

A DUI case from Johnson City is raising allegations of Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) troopers being required to meet DUI quotas. The THP denies these allegations, but an email from one district suggests that troopers are "encouraged" to meet district averages and are to help other troopers who may be "falling behind" with their number of DUI arrests.

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