Inattentive drivers could cause a Halloween tragedy

We’ve talked several times in past posts about how dangerous distracted driving is. Driving while distracted by electronic devices, eating while driving, lively conversations with passengers, or personal grooming can – and does – result in injury-causing accidents. Distracted driving is dangerous at any time of the year, but it is of particular concern on Halloween,

High-profile nursing home tragedy highlights systemic neglect

Hurricane Irma devastated a huge swath of Florida and the Gulf Coast in September. News reports abounded of record-breaking property damage, serious injuries and, tragically, fatalities. Among the most heartbreaking of the stories was the deaths of nine residents at a Miami-area nursing home. The facility’s cooling system lost power, subjecting the elderly patients at

Affirmative DUI defenses that might apply in your case

There are numerous possible defenses to a DUI charge, including a lack of probable cause for the initial stop, inaccuracies or challenges to the Breathalyzer test results or the blood test results, inadequate training of officers, improper interpretation of field sobriety tests and more. These can be very effective defenses depending on the facts of

Another benefit of having a DUI lawyer: financial savings

We’ve discussed in previous posts the many potential consequences of a DUI conviction. These include jail time, hefty fines, social stigma and the installation of an expensive ignition interlock device. A conviction also means you’ll have a criminal history, and Tennessee doesn’t allow expungement of DUI convictions. It will be on your record forever. It

New study: “off-roading” can lead to asbestos exposure

A study recently published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health raises concerns about a possible link between asbestos exposure and exploring “off-road” on an all-terrain vehicle/off-road vehicle (ATV). The study, led by an epidemiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, suggests the hazards exist anywhere there are naturally occurring asbestos or erionite

Driving and taking prescription painkillers: some things to know

The opioid epidemic is nothing short of a national health crisis. Its connection to the issue of drugged driving is only one aspect of a much larger problem. The number of fatal overdoses from these powerful medications in recent years numbers in the tens of thousands. Overall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts

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