Chattanooga PD, other law enforcement on increased DUI watch

For many people, celebrations don’t feel complete without alcohol. Unfortunately, that can mean a lot of drunk drivers on the road this time of year. chattanooga-pd-other-law-enforcement-on-increased-dui-watch, the holidays are a peak time for alcohol abuse — and accidents. Nationwide, 2-1/2 times as many people are killed in alcohol-related crashes than at other times of the

Are some homeopathic remedies dangerous to your health?

Many scientists liken homeopathic medicine to modern-day snake oil, but users stand by their products. Whatever you may think of it, homeopathy is a $3 billion industry, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Unlike dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies can advertise that they are intended for a specific medical condition. However, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the

Was deceptive marketing a catalyst for America’s opioid crisis?

One seemingly innocuous phrase may have helped jump start the modern-day opioid abuse epidemic. The statement, used for years in marketing materials for the opiate painkiller OxyContin, implied that the drug was less likely than other similar medications to result in addiction. Specifically, the patient insert included with the drug from the time of its

3M says it underreported PFCs released into the Tennessee River

3M has admitted to inadvertently — although substantially — underreporting the amount of chemicals known as perfluorochemicals or PFCs that it released into the Tennessee River in Alabama. Instead of reporting the amounts in micrograms per liter, it reported them in milligrams per liter. That mistake resulted in the amount being underreported by a factor

Your college student and alcohol-related problems and arrests

According to a national survey, nearly 60 percent of college students between the ages of 18 and 22 admitted drinking during the previous month. Given that the legal drinking age is 21, that’s a problem. Almost two thirds of the students surveyed admitted binge drinking during the same period. According to the National Institute on

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