Attorneys of SRR win landmark appeal in Tennessee DUI case

Attorneys Jerry Summers, Ben McGowan, and Marya Schalk of Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers recently won a major victory for Tennessee DUI defendants. The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals found that the statute imposing a $250 fee for convictions in DUI cases where testing is done by the TBI laboratory is unconstitutional because it violates due process and

Johnson & Johnson faces mesothelioma trial in New Jersey over its allegedly asbestos-contaminated Baby Powder

Plaintiff Stephen Lanzo, 46, contends he developed the deadly cancer mesothelioma after inhaling Johnson’s Baby Powder over decades of use and exposure, beginning when his mother applied it on him as an infant. The product was supposed to be made of talc, a naturally occurring powder. According to an expert for the Plaintiff, it contained

Use of antipsychotics in nursing homes down but still a problem

Many nursing homes across the country have been accused of using antipsychotic medications to sedate patients. This makes the patients passive and easier to handle, but it has serious medical implications. These drugs carry federal warnings stating they increase the risk of death for people with dementia. There has been some progress in recent years.

Scientists still seek good test for marijuana-intoxicated driving

As cannabis is legalized in more and more states, determining when a person is intoxicated by the drug becomes an important legal issue in DUI law. In states where someone could be using marijuana legally for medical or even recreational reasons, it’s not enough to test whether the drug is in a driver’s system. Rather, for

Feds investigating second crash involving Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’

In late January, a Tesla Model S sedan rear-ended a parked fire truck at around 65 mph. The driver wasn’t paying attention, apparently because he had set the car to “Autopilot.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t a Star Trek episode. Unlike autopilot systems in science fiction, Tesla’s Autopilot does not fully take over for the driver, performing

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