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July 2018 Archives

Presence of asbestos confirmed in Manhattan steam pipe explosion

On July 19 at about 6:40 a.m., a 20-inch steam pipe exploded under a street in New York City's Flatiron district. Five people suffered minor injuries from the explosion, which tore a hole in the street and caused a geyser of white smoke and debris. That debris contained asbestos, tests indicate.

Ups and downs of home trampolines

Family trampolines are popular across Tennessee. Drive around any neighborhood in the Chattanooga area, and you'll likely see them dotting yards on both sides of the street. Regardless of the size, trampolines have one thing in common: they are dangerous, especially for children.

"Stoned driving" difficult for police to detect

Tennessee may not have legalized medical marijuana like some other states have, but that doesn't mean there is a shortage of drivers who use it and other illicit substances. Knowing that, law enforcement officers have struggled to determine the best way in which to address the issue of drivers impaired by marijuana or other drugs.

$4.7B talcum powder cancer verdict against Johnson & Johnson

Following a five-week-long trial, a St. Louis jury recently awarded a verdict of $4.7 billion against talcum powder manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. The award included $25 million for each of 22 women (or their surviving family members) who claimed to have developed ovarian cancer as a direct result of using the company's baby powder for throughout their lifetimes.

Reminder: It's illegal to operate a boat under the influence

Did you know that alcohol is more intoxicating on the water than on land? According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the marine environment, along with sun, wind, spray, engine noise, vibration and rocking motion all contribute to accelerate impairment. They also cause fatigue, which increases the detriments to coordination, judgment and reaction time that alcohol can cause.

Judge finds driver's license revocation law unconstitutional

Up until recently, Tennessee drivers with unpaid court costs often faced having their driver's licenses revoked. By taking away the ability to drive, individuals faced substantial economic disadvantages, affecting their ability to work and engage in ordinary lawful activities and many were unable to get their licenses back. If that wasn't bad enough, drivers often had no notice that the potential penalty existed for not paying court costs. However, a Tennessee federal court has determined that it is unconstitutional to revoke licenses simply on a person's inability to pay court costs or fines.

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