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September 2018 Archives

Creating a support system after a mesothelioma diagnosis

Whether there was a suspicion that mesothelioma might be in the cards or not, mesothelioma is a difficult diagnosis to hear from your doctor. Taking the steps to create a support system can make a significant difference when you are struggling with your treatment plan and the feelings that come with your diagnosis.

Suit: Apartment workers exposed to asbestos during renovations

A recently filed lawsuit claims that workers at an apartment complex -- and possibly residents -- were exposed to asbestos when a construction crew was remodeling five vacant units. According to the employees, the construction crew notified management of the possible presence of asbestos in May.

Could a tour of the ER, ICU and morgue improve teens' driving?

Motor vehicle wrecks are the No. 1 cause of accidental deaths among American teens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in every three accidental teen deaths in the U.S. involves a traffic crash. What kinds of interventions are effective at reducing the risky behaviors often seen in teen drivers such as texting, using cellphones, speeding, and riding with an intoxicated driver?

What can happen at a DUI roadblock in Tennessee?

Whether your night out included alcohol or not, there is a moment of hesitation when you're driving home and see a sign for a DUI roadblock ahead. With the street full of officers and patrol vehicles to enforce the roadblock, the situation gets intimidating quickly.

Survey documents driving dangers in Tennessee

A recent survey by the personal finance site SmartAsset comparing drivers by state has ranked Tennessee drivers as the second worst in the country. The ranking was based on four factors: the percentage of drivers with insurance, the number of DUIs per thousand drivers, the average number of fatalities per 100 million miles driven, and the frequency with which state residents Google search terms like "traffic ticket" or "speeding ticket."

What parents should know about the new car seat recommendations

Every three years, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reviews recent crash data and their recommendations for car seats. According to the academy, proper use and installation of car and booster seats can reduce the chances of injury or death by 70 percent or more.

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