Testing finds toxic cadmium in adult jewelry at some chain stores

After a 2010 scandal involving cadmium in some children’s jewelry of Chinese manufacture, several states outlawed the metal in kids’ products — but not for adults. By 2012, it seemed the metal was no longer being used in children’s jewelry. However, the nonprofit Center for Environmental Health recently tested adult jewelry from three national manufacturers

NTSB calls on NHTSA for standardized drugged driving tests

Federal data shows that, of those drivers fatally injured in 2006 traffic crashes who were tested for drugs, 30 percent tested positive. By 2016, that percentage had jumped to 46 percent. Moreover, random roadside testing performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 22 percent of drivers showed some evidence of drug use.

U.S. Supreme Court to decide maritime law case involving manufacturer’s “bare metal” defense and when companies must warn of asbestos risk

A case before the U.S. Supreme Court examines whether manufacturers of products that require asbestos as an add-on component should have to warn users of the risk, even when the product as it leaves the manufacturer contains no asbestos. The case was brought by two widows of Navy sailors who died of lung cancer after

Minimize The Risk Of Explosion As A User Of E-Cigarettes

How safe are e-cigarettes? Sure, they are convenient, run by lithium-ion batteries that power up quickly and hold a charge for an extended period. In some cases, however, e-cigarettes have caused severe injuries. As we discussed in a post last month, many of these injuries were caused by e-cigarette explosions. What causes e-cigarettes to explode and,

Report raises concerns about construction-related work injuries amid economic growth

According to a recent study, many construction workers in the South may not be covered by medical insurance or even legally-required workers’ compensation insurance. The study is called “Build a Better South: Construction Working Conditions in the US South.” It was conducted by the Partnership for Working Families, the Workers Defense Project and a professor

Drinking a lot of alcohol quickly can cause a blackout

There are a lot of misconceptions about blackout drinking, according to an alcohol abuse researcher and addiction medicine specialist recently interviewed by NPR. It’s important to understand the reality of blackouts so you can avoid the trouble they cause. When people hear of a drinking-related blackout, they often picture someone who has passed out and

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