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April 2019 Archives

Arrested for DUI after smoking weed on 4/20?

"A driver's judgment and ability to react are both impaired when driving high, but many drivers don't realize that it's dangerous and illegal," said a spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). "Driving either drunk or high is a DUI; impairment is impairment."

J&J targeted minorities, others, knowing talc might cause cancer

In the 1970s, pediatricians began warning new parents not to use Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder or other talc-based powders to address diaper rash because it is dangerous for infants to inhale talc powder. Unfortunately, that left J&J needing a new business model. They chose to market the product to adults as a powder with antiperspirant and deodorant qualities.

California, New York weigh lowering DUI standard to 0.05 percent

States around the nation are now considering lowering their per se DUI standards from 0.08percent blood alcohol content down to 0.05 percent. In 2013, the National Transportation Safety Board began recommending that all states adopt the lower standard, although so far, only Utah has done so.

Doctor to testify that Perdue pushed opioids despite addiction risk

Pharmaceutical companies that produce opioid medications are being sued by governments around the country for their roles in the opioid crisis. Opioid painkillers used to be reserved for cancer pain or situations where the patient was near the end of his or her life. Doctors had been trained that the risk of addiction was too great for their use in more common pain situations.

Prescription for a DUI

Between the commercials, the doctor's instructions, and the label on the bottle, prescription drugs tend to come with a lot of warnings. Some of the side effects are rare, but others are almost a guarantee.

Are sobriety checkpoints effective? Worth the cost?

In Tennessee and most of the United States, law enforcement engages in sobriety checkpoints to catch drunk drivers. These roadblocks are generally set up to test a random sample of all drivers who encounter them. In 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, if properly set-up, a DUI checkpoint does not violate a driver's Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. But do they work?

FDA: Small number of seizures may indicate new risk from vaping

Between 2010 and early 2019, the FDA received 35 reports of people experiencing seizures after smoking e-cigarettes. These primarily occurred among younger people, although no clear pattern has yet emerged. Unfortunately, there has been a "slight but noticeable increase" since June of last year. Could vaping have a risk people are unaware of?

In the near future, cars may not allow drunk or dangerous driving

An array of cameras and sensors in upcoming Volvo vehicles could allow the cars to detect drivers who are intoxicated or who seem to be driving erratically or distracted. If bad driving is detected, the vehicle could take action by slowing down, contact an assistance service or even pull over and park, the company said.

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