CPSC: Peloton Tread+ can pull children, pets under the treadmill

Sales of Peloton equipment, including both stationary bikes and treadmills, have taken off during the pandemic. According to the Associated Press, New York-based Peloton Interactive, Inc., brought in $1 billion in revenue during the final three months of 2020 – more than double its revenue from the same period in 2019. Peloton sells two types

Will self-driving cars really reduce accident rates?

When manufacturers introduced self-driving technology in cars, safety experts felt it could be a game changer. They expected the technology could greatly reduce the number of accidents on U.S. roadways. However, according to a 2020 study from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), self-driving technology may not reduce accidents as much as first hoped.

Furniture tip-overs are still killing kids; anchors aren’t enough

Let’s be clear: if you buy a set of bookshelves or a substantial piece of furniture, consider installing wall anchors to the furniture. Wall anchors can help prevent heavy furniture from falling over onto young kids, which can be deadly. The problem is that anchoring doesn’t solve the root problem of instability in furniture. Not

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