Did protective gear put firefighters at risk of asbestos exposure?

Builders often used asbestos in the construction projects until the late 1970s or even early 1980s. If those old buildings burn, the debris left behind and the disturbance of that debris  can release carcinogenic asbestos fibers into the air. That is one reason why firefighters face such a high risk of developing mesothelioma. Unfortunately, burning buildings

Could technology really prevent DUIs?

In Tennessee, even a first-time DUI offense could result in the requirement to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. These devices obligate drivers to test their breath – and blood alcohol content (BAC) – before they can drive. Installing the ignition interlock device is one of the consequences of a DUI conviction. However, lawmakers

Are Tesla’s self-driving systems dangerous and defective?

It sounds like a futuristic dream: a fully self-driving car. No more need for human navigation, which could mean an end to crashes caused by driver error, inattention or impairment. Wanting to take a nap or read a book instead of driving? Turn on the autopilot. Unfortunately, today’s semi-autonomous vehicles are not fully self-driving. Many

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