Was deceptive marketing a catalyst for America’s opioid crisis?

One seemingly innocuous phrase may have helped jump start the modern-day opioid abuse epidemic. The statement, used for years in marketing materials for the opiate painkiller OxyContin, implied that the drug was less likely than other similar medications to result in addiction. Specifically, the patient insert included with the drug from the time of its

3M says it underreported PFCs released into the Tennessee River

3M has admitted to inadvertently — although substantially — underreporting the amount of chemicals known as perfluorochemicals or PFCs that it released into the Tennessee River in Alabama. Instead of reporting the amounts in micrograms per liter, it reported them in milligrams per liter. That mistake resulted in the amount being underreported by a factor

Caution: Most vehicles with faulty Takata airbags remain unrepaired

The holidays are the last time of the year when you want to worry about defective car parts. Unfortunately, there continue to be problems with the massive Takata airbag recall. According to an independent monitor, almost two-thirds of U.S. vehicles with the company’s defective airbag inflators have not been fixed. The independent monitor overseeing the

Failing EpiPens linked to seven deaths so far this year

EpiPen maker Mylan Pharmaceuticals was the subject of a high-profile Congressional inquiry last year. Federal lawmakers investigated the company for alleged price-fixing after published reports showed the price of the life-saving devices skyrocketed from $50 to over $600 in the span of a few short years. Mylan faced lawsuits from rival manufacturers relating to the

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