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October 2012 Archives

On Halloween, that cop costume is probably not a costume

Sure, dressing up like a police officer is a popular choice on Halloween. But there will also be plenty of the real thing out on Wednesday night, looking for potentially drunk drivers. Just like so many other holidays, Halloween means upped DUI enforcement in Tennessee and across the country.

DUI convictions can have impact on person's career

Finding a career that one loves and working toward the goal of making it in one's field is a significant accomplishment. For many people, their work is more than a way to earn money; it's a way to earn a sense of pride, security and sense of community. When the ability to work is taken away from them it's a life-altering event.

Reliability of breath test device and DUI charges challenged

Any DUI defense attorney can attest to the fact that machines are not fail-proof. Law enforcement and prosecutors like to think that devices such as breath tests are what prove a DUI suspect's guilt or innocence. But experienced drunk driving attorneys in Tennessee and across the country know better.

Teens forced to submit to breath test to enter homecoming dance

As adults, most of us likely remember this time of year when we were in high school. Sure, it may have been a bummer that school was in session, but there was also the excitement of the football season and the homecoming dance. Homecoming is generally the first dance of the year and provides memories for teens to carry into adulthood.

U.S. Supreme Court to address question of warrantless blood tests

Over the past months we have discussed Tennessee's new "No Refusal" policy throughout several posts. If police suspect a driver of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and the driver refuses to submit to a blood alcohol content (BAC) test, the law gives police the ability to request a search warrant to force the suspect to be tested.

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