DUI convictions can have impact on person’s career

Finding a career that one loves and working toward the goal of making it in one’s field is a significant accomplishment. For many people, their work is more than a way to earn money; it’s a way to earn a sense of pride, security and sense of community. When the ability to work is taken away from them it’s a life-altering event.

A recent report indicates how two doctors in Tennessee are facing the professional consequence of DUI convictions. Both have at least temporarily lost their licenses to practice medicine until they meet certain specifications as required by the Board of Medical Examiners. This is an outcome of drunk driving histories that the doctors face on top of the legal system’s sentencing.

One of the doctors reportedly has multiple DUI convictions on his record, a point that he failed to disclose when applying for his medical licensure application. As a result of his DUIs and his misleading application, that doctor will not be able to practice for at least five years.

Another Tennessee doctor has temporarily lost his medical license due to a DUI and his behavior during the traffic stop. He threatened the police that, as a doctor, he wouldn’t help them if they needed medical help. That threat didn’t prevent his arrest, and it caused the board to punish him for “unethical conduct.”

Some jobs come with a greater amount of pressure than others. Even some of the most generally revered people make mistakes and get charged with drunk driving. Because a DUI conviction can have a significant impact to one’s freedoms, it is crucial for those charged with the offense to work with a criminal defense attorney whom they trust.

Source: Kingsport Times-News, “Doctors disciplined after DUI convictions,” Kacie Breeding, Oct. 16, 2012

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