Tennessee DUI drugs suspect caught with his pants down

Getting pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence in Tennessee is stressful enough. A person can immediately feel ashamed for being suspected of DUI, even if he knows that he is innocent of the offense.

A recent incident in Tennessee likely felt a bit more shameful for one particular DUI drugs suspect. Not only was he targeted for driving under the influence, but he was a naked target. When police stopped the suspect, he was reportedly wearing no clothing.

The Associated Press reports that police began following the suspect when they saw that he was driving too slowly. Yes, a person can drive too slowly in the eyes of the law. His low speed was considered traffic violation enough to pull him over. The suspect led the authorities on a low-speed chase for a while but eventually stopped.

Upon investigation, the suspect’s lack of clothes and behavior signaled to the police that he may have been under the influence. He’s been accused of driving under the influence of drugs. Drugged driving is treated as seriously as drunk driving in Tennessee.

A DUI drugs charge and defending oneself against it is similar to the process of a drunk driving defense. There are technical aspects to it that an experienced criminal defense attorney can effectively address.

It is easiest for a DUI defense attorney to help someone who was wise during his traffic stop. It’s best for a suspect to limit talking to authorities unless a lawyer is present. Also, a suspect should know that he doesn’t have to consent to going through field sobriety tests. Refusing to do so limits any evidence that police might build against him.

In this case, refusing to do so would also have saved the suspect from trying to walk a straight line in the nude.

Source: The Associated Press, “Tennessee man arrested after driving slow and naked,” Oct. 31, 2012

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