Just a Traffic Ticket?

Unless you are a commercial truck driver with a Commercial Drivers’ License (“CDL”), most licensed Tennessee drivers don’t know the collateral consequences of a speeding ticket or traffic offense, either in state or elsewhere. Tennessee, like most states, attaches a number of points to your driving history with the Department of Safety based on the severity of the violation. Accumulating a total of twelve (12) driving violation points within a year could result in your license being suspended or having to attend a conference with a member of the Department of Safety who is usually a Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper.

We have linked to a Schedule of Points Values that are assigned to moving traffic violations or contributing to an accident for your review and consideration.

Remember that out of state tickets are also forwarded to the Tennessee Department of Safety to be applied to your driving history. States that have enacted super speeding laws, such as Georgia, for the alleged purpose of reducing highway deaths or accidents are also applicable. Of course, this potential for revenue enhancement for local and state governments might be another incentive.

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