Specific drinking behavior leads to more alcohol-related danger

For those who are no longer college students, they might not be so well-versed in the drinking traditions of partiers these days. Do you recognize the term “pre-funking?”

If not, then you likely don’t participate in the norm of getting drunk before heading out to a bar for the night. A Swiss study looked into the behavior of what others call “pre-gaming” and compared the behavior to the rate of dangerous incidents that took place among the pool of subjects. Those who “pre-funk” are more likely to drive drunk, have unsafe sex and more.

The study followed a group of 250 college students and tracked when and how much the subjects drank and whether they were involved in any risky behaviors after their drinking activities. According to the study’s findings, those who drank before going out drank more once they got to their destination. They were also more likely to have unprotected sex, be involved in violence, drive drunk, get injured and use drugs.

Pre-funking is reportedly popular among Swiss students, and a sociology professor in the U.S. has the theory that the high-risk drinking behavior might be even more popular here. The drinking age is higher in the states, potentially leading to more underage drinkers who would pre-drink before going out.

Law enforcement in Tennessee is serious about preventing drunk driving. In fact, the governor recently announced that he will designate more money and efforts toward targeting supposed drunk drivers.

College-age drivers can be easy targets for the police because it’s assumed that they’ve been partying and didn’t know better than to drink and drive. It’s important for students to understand their rights, since it isn’t uncommon for there to be a heavy law enforcement presence around school campuses.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, “‘Pre-drinking’ or ‘pre-funking’ common among young alcohol users,” Monte Morin, Nov. 8, 2012

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