New program is another reason to fear DUI arrest this season

Whether you love it or hate it, President Obama is still in office. And one thing he has done during his continued presidency is addressed drunk driving. MADD reports that Obama has officially declared December national Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month.

Being that it is already common for police to target DUI suspects in Tennessee and across the nation this month, this prevention effort just adds more reason for drivers to be careful and know their rights. The holiday season means that patrols are all over the roads because they assume that drivers have been drinking at parties.

Not just during this time of year but all year, it is important for people to know their limits. How much does it take for a driver to become legally impaired? It might not be as much as one thinks, which is why they make the mistake to get behind the wheel after a party. That simple mistake can lead to a DUI charge.

Whether a drunk driving charge is truly the result of having too much to drink or the result of faulty police work, DUI suspects need the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney. A conviction can lead to jail, fines and driver’s license suspension. That is one sure way to take what is generally a joyful time of year and twist it into a bad memory.

Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind that will be helpful to know if you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence:

  • You have the right to refuse taking sobriety tests, including a breathalyzer and other performance tests and should avoid taking those tests.
  • Note the reason why the officer stated he pulled you over. If he didn’t have a valid reason, any evidence he collected from the stop isn’t usable in court.
  • You will likely be videotaped during the traffic stop. This video could either hurt or help you if charged. Say as little as possible and also note if something seems off about the officer, as the video could later support your argument regarding his credibility.

Our law firm helps people faced with all sorts of DUI charges, from first-time suspects to those with a history of drunk driving arrests. Visit our TN DUI Attorney page to learn more about how we handle DUI defense cases.

Source: Blisstree, “Drunk Driving: Learn How Much You Can Really Drink Before Being Illegal,” Deborah Dunham, Dec. 5, 2012

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