New Year still ahead, Tennessee police up to old DWI tricks

The gifts have all been opened, the sweets over-consumed and perhaps some eggnog enjoyed. The holiday season isn’t over yet. And Tennessee law enforcement is all too aware of that.

Though the roads may no longer be filled with Christmas travelers, the roads will still be filled with various patrols and DWI traps. A Knoxville report indicates that Tennessee police will continue to target potential drunk drivers with increased tactics through the New Year.

This time of year, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, has proven to be a deadly time on the roads. Fatal accidents are often linked to driving under the influence. Tennessee officials use that research to justify an intense increase in attempts to identify DWI offenders in the state.

Until Jan. 2, according to reports, motorists can expect law enforcement to use the following drunk driving prevention strategies:

  • Sobriety checkpoints: Patrols will be set up at certain areas where motorists will be asked to stop and answer some questions. The stop could lead to a DUI investigation and subsequent arrest.
  • Saturation patrols: This strategy basically means that more police will be on the roads, particularly in areas that have a history of a high rate of DWI arrests.
  • No Refusal rule: At least one Tennessee county is enacting a No Refusal rule, meaning that if a motorist refuses to take a breath test, a warrant may be issued that gives an officer the right to take a blood test.

All of the above strategies and more increased efforts put Tennessee drivers at risk of starting 2013 off on a stressful foot.

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Source: 6 News, “Extra patrols planned for highways through New Year’s Day,” Mike Krafcik, Dec. 26, 2012

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