Out of State DUI Convictions

Many drivers erroneously believe that an out-of-state D.U.I. conviction will not adversely affect their driving privileges in Tennessee. This unfortunately is incorrect for several reasons. For one, Tennessee has a statute which states that conviction in another state for D.U.I. which has a ‘similar’ D.U.I. statute can be used to revoke driving privileges in Tennessee. Secondly, Tennessee’s statute states that conviction in another state for D.U.I. can be used to enhance any subsequent D.U.I. conviction in Tennessee to a higher mandatory sentence.

Tennessee is presently only one of five states that do not belong to the Driver’s License Compact (DLC). Among other things, this Compact requires member states to communicate the fact of a D.U.I. (or implied consent) conviction to the “Home State.”

However, under the National Registered Vehicle Compact (NRVC), any state that suspends a motorist’s license for D.U.I. or Implied Consent (or any other reason) must input the suspension into the Registry’s computer’s databank. Tennessee is a member of the NRVC and every state is required to check the registry’s databank whenever a person seeks to have their license renewed or applies for a new license. Every state is required to deny the license if there is an out-of-state conviction.

Summers and Wyatt’s D.U.I. Division has recently had to help a client under these circumstances and will be glad to discuss your legal options if your driver’s license renewal is denied.

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