Firefighter could lose his job if convicted of Tennessee DUI

With any DUI conviction in Tennessee comes the threat of losing one’s license. That is daunting enough for any defendant. For a defendant whose career depends on being able to drive, however, a drunk driving conviction can be significantly more impactful and damaging to his life.

Last week, Tennessee authorities arrested a firefighter while he was off duty for suspicion of DUI. He has a very pressing reason to fight in his defense in order to prevent a conviction. His career as a public servant is directly dependent on whether the 34-year-old suspect is convicted and his license is suspended.

WBBJ 7 doesn’t report whether the Jackson firefighter of several years has a history of drunk driving convictions on his record. Generally, Tennessee is tough on DUI offenders, sometimes even taking away driving privileges from first-time offenders. A first offense alone can result in a standard driver being limited to driving in very specific circumstances.

While some who are convicted of DUI are allowed to drive to work, the same would possibly not be true for a firefighter. For him, driving isn’t just about getting to his job; it’s part of the job. His employer likely would not want to take on the risk or insurance cost of employing a driver with a DUI on his record.

Currently, the Tennessee firefighter is still employed, but the longevity of that may depend on how is drunk driving case goes.

Our Tennessee DUI lawyers understand how serious the loss of a driver’s license can be for a defendant and his family. We have experience fighting for our clients’ rights to avoid the loss of their driving privileges.

Source: WBBJ 7, “Jackson Firefighter Accused of DUI,” John Keim, Feb. 25, 2013

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