Music star accused of DUI and causing fatal Tennessee accident

A person’s profession or status doesn’t save him from the arms of the law. One of the stars of musical group 3 Doors Down is struggling with legal hardship right now. He’s accused of a very serious crime involving drunk driving. It is as serious as it gets when death is involved.

News sources report that a traffic accident occurred in Tennessee last Friday, with star bassist Todd Harrell behind the wheel of one vehicle, and a 47-year-old driver in the other. Harrell survived the wreck, while the other driver was thrown from his vehicle and died due to his injuries.

Harrell faces particularly extreme legal consequences for a couple of reasons. First, authorities allege that he was drunk at the time of last week’s deadly accident. He is charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication. A DUI suspect is charged at the felony level if he had a BAC level of 0.08 or above and caused a fatal car accident.

The other reason why Haller’s newest legal hardship could be more serious is because he has another DUI incident on the books. That case isn’t over yet, with the trial set for next month. We are not aware of the complete details regarding that case or whether he has any further convictions on his record.

Multiple offenses are another way to get to harsher sentencing if convicted of DUI. A first time offender might be given the chance to continue to drive. A defendant with multiple offenses, however, will almost definitely lose driving privileges.

Driving privileges are just part of what is at stake if convicted of drunk driving or vehicular homicide by intoxication. Jail time is also a very real threat. There are also the more personal consequences of a DUI conviction, like how the hardship can impact a person’s career. Harrell’s music group has cancelled its U.S. appearances due to the recent incident.

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Source: WLOX, “3 Doors Down bassist has DUI case pending in D’Iberville,” April 22, 2013

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