Commercial trucker causes crash with Tennessee patrol car

The consequences of a DUI can be serious for just about any convicted offender. For some, however, the conviction can have a more significant impact on a person’s life, his job in particular.

A truck driver was passing through Tennessee when an accident took place between his vehicle, a parked police patrol car and a tow truck. The investigation indicated that the truck was the cause of the wreck and that it might have been a DUI-related crash.

Authorities needed to look for the trucker after the accident took place. He is accused of leaving the scene of an accident among various other criminal charges. One of those charges is driving under the influence of drugs. Sources suggest that though the driver may not have been drunk, he might have been impaired by prescription drugs allegedly in his system.

Whether the allegations will stick depends largely on pending toxicology results. What is certain is that if the trucker is convicted of DUI, he could lose his commercial driver’s license.

To drive a commercial vehicle takes the specific type of license; therefore, this incident and cases like it can put people out of work. That is what can make the DUI arrest of a commercial driver a more threatening situation.

An aggressive criminal defense isn’t just important to avoid a fine or even jail time. It is a must in order for a defendant to be able to support himself and his family. The CDL suspension would be temporary, but even a temporary professional setback can have lasting impact on a person’s livelihood.

Source: KnoxNews, “Authorities: Trucker who allegedly struck trooper may have been on prescription pills,” Hayes Hickman, June 24, 2013

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