Ex-football player, current Tennessee radio host fights DUI claim

The voice that Tennessee sports fans listen to on sports radio might sound a little bit more on edge. Last weekend, former UT quarterback Eric Ainge was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Knoxville.

Instead of sitting back and staying silent about the recent drunk driving arrest, Ainge, currently a radio host, is challenging the DUI claims that have the local media buzzing. He argues that he wasn’t drunk and driving; rather, he was merely distracted.

While distracted driving is a dangerous, illegal habit, it is not the same as driving while intoxicated. The stigma of drunk driving alone is enough for anyone to fear a mere rumor of a DWI arrest.

Ainge has been very upfront about his history with mental health struggles and issues with addiction. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising for a false DUI allegation to upset him. He’s worked hard to get to the place where he is in his life and to earn the respect of the public.

WBIR reports that police pulled Ainge over last Sunday when they spotted his vehicle swerving. There is no chemical evidence to support the DUI charge because Ainge refused to submit to a blood or breath test. That refusal resulted in a charge related to implied consent, though it should not lead to the assumption that the defendant is guilty of drunk driving.

So far, it seems as though Ainge is willing to share this legal battle with the public. As more details become available and developments take shape, we will post updates about the high-profile Tennessee drunk driving case.

Source: WBIR, “Former Vol quarterback Erik Ainge told officer he was texting while driving,” July 29, 2013

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