Will holiday DUI awareness efforts lead to your Tennessee arrest?

While driving around Chattanooga, you probably notice twinkling lights on the trees, homes and street lights. You’ve probably seen the wreaths and decorated trees on and inside homes and stores. But have you noticed the red ribbons tied on Tennessee patrol cars?

It is the holiday season once again, and that means — like last year, the years before and years to come — that state law enforcement has its sights set on arresting drunk drivers. A holiday crackdown, however, doesn’t strip suspects of their rights.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are working together on the “Tie One On for Safety” campaign. If you see a trooper’s vehicle with a red ribbon on it, the ribbon is supposed to serve as a reminder to drivers to designate sober drivers this holiday season, when DUI accidents tend to occur more often.

Hopefully, you won’t notice a red ribbon while being arrested for suspicion of drunk driving in Tennessee. If you do, let the ribbon be a reminder that officials take DUIs seriously in the state, and it is never too soon to rely on the advice of a DWI defense lawyer.

Law enforcement and safety officials like to emphasize how the number of alcohol-related accidents increases at this time of year. That safety trend must not work to compromise the ethics of troopers or the rights of drivers in Tennessee.

Safety is important, but so is probable cause and other aspects of the law. Drivers who are charged with DUI can best mitigate the seriousness of their circumstances by talking to a criminal defense lawyer in their area.

Source: Clarksville Online, “Tennessee Highway Patrol and Mothers Against Drunk Driving partner for “Tie One On For Safety” Holiday Campaign,” Dec. 15, 2013

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